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How to Pick the Right Florist

Flowers represent one of the most important elements for an important event. Not only do they provide color and decoration, they can also be used to symbolize many different things and emotions. Good flower arrangements are also a great conversation starter and is probably going to be one of the most memorable aspects of an event. The right florist can help make planning your event a breeze, while a difficult one can make the process a complete nightmare.

Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember if you are looking for the right florist for your special event.


Check out the websites of your top candidates because these provide photos, reviews, and general pricing information. They will also often provide photos from real events held in your area. Make appointments to visit at least three different florists. Remember that some florists are better at tall, lush, ornate centerpieces, while others may specialize in modern, minimalist arrangements. Figure out which style works best for you and your event, and compare them with the portfolio of your top florists.


A good rule of thumb is that decorations and flowers should account for approximately 10 percent of your total budget. However, if you really love flowers and want a grand installation, or if you will not accept anything other than off-season flowers, be prepared to increase this number. You should also take into consideration extra expenses for other aspects such as setup and breakdown charges, taxes and tips. You need to have a number in mind when you start interviewing your top florists.

Schedule an Interview

Choose someone that you can rely on to make the right floral decisions, someone who instinctively understands what will look good together and consider your personal preferences as well. This is why you should also bring images of what you have in mind for the event when you start meeting with your top candidates. Bring your inspirations boards, describe your vision as accurately as you can, and hash out certain details that you are absolutely dead-set on.