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Why Choose Local Flower Shops

Local flowers are definitely better than your choices at the grocery store. This is because most of the flowers that are sold in these stores are grown overseas, most commonly in South America. These flowers are grown with heavy use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and more importantly, under frankly shameful labor conditions. Moreover, by the time you pick them up at your grocery store, they can be as much as a week old. This means that they will only last a few short days in your home.

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Much like supporting other local products, choosing local flower shops is activism. By purchasing a bouquet from local florists, you refuse to support the use of dangerous chemicals, exploitative labor standards, and carbon emissions from long-distance shipping. Why ship flowers from a faraway place when you have them available locally? Be part of the movement that supports local industries by choosing sustainably grown, locally sourced and seasonal blooms.

Range of Options

When you rely on imported flowers, your selection is limited to those flowers that can withstand harsh traveling conditions and being out of water for a few days. When you choose to buy local, you gain access to a wider range of options that most likely will not survive long-distance shipping. You can decorate your home with beautiful and delicate blooms such as dahlias, sweet peas, and stock which not only smell amazing, but also look great in any setting.

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Save Money

Delivery services that use imported flowers tend to cost more money compared to local flowers. These services will also have set packages, and consequently, set prices. However, when you choose a local florist, they can work with your needs and your budget to ensure that you still receive an amazing arrangement that will not break the bank. When you always buy from your local florist, you build a kind of rapport with them that is difficult to duplicate with international services.


In addition to that, because local florists sell arrangements that are fresh and beautiful, they are more likely to last longer in your home. You can enjoy their beauty that much longer.