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Why Do People Send Flowers?

There are many reasons people choose to send flowers as gifts. They offer an effective way to brighten someone’s day or express sentiments of love, congratulations or condolences. Flowers are one of most natural gifts that can easily evoke strong emotional responses. They can be soothing or uplifting. More importantly, they are appropriate for a wide variety of situations and do not require the sender to be intimate or extremely close with the recipient.

Here are some of the top reasons why people send flowers.


Traditionally, flowers are given as gifts on certain occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Many people have come to expect a bouquet from the loved ones as an expression of their love and appreciation. Flowers that you can buy with coupons are also traditional staples during funerals and offer comfort to the grieving family. While a lot of hospitals have started to refuse flower deliveries in particular areas of the building for health reasons, they are still the perfect traditional gift to cheer up someone who is sick or is recovering from a medical condition.

Communicate Emotions

Perhaps the biggest reason flowers are given as gifts is to express an emotion. Whether its love, joy, affection, appreciation, sympathy, romance or apologies, giving flowers helps the sender communicate his deepest feelings in a transparent manner. In fact, there are decades worth of research and culturally inspired mythologies to back this up. Depending on the kind of flower, its color, and its arrangement, flower can communicate a wealth of emotions between the sender and recipient.  Generally, they are symbols of love and care.

Healing and Enjoyment

When you give the gift of flowers, you are offering visual entertainment, creativity, and better health to your recipient. Fresh, sweet flowers come in various colors and sizes that are sure to immediately enhance every home and office decor. A beautiful floral arrangement brings comfort and warmth into any space.


Flowers also tend to stand out among the the other gift options and typical greetings. They last for days or weeks, reminding the recipient of your thoughtful consideration.